Feral Cats in a Residential Complex

To the Body Corporate,

Re: Feral Cats in a Residential Complex

So you have unwanted cats roaming the complex! This is the direct result of irresponsible pet owners just dumping their cats.
Please consider the following:

Feral Cat Friends and Animal Allies, both well experienced in their field, advise that it is not recommended to attempt to get rid of any established colony of cats, the reason being that another colony will simply replace them as soon as the area is “vacated”. They recommend management of the colony by sterilising, thus keeping the colony small, and providing dry pellets and water in a sheltered area of the complex gardens. The benefits are the control of rats and mice and the prevention of another breeding colony moving in.

Note that subject to no interference, the growth rate of a colony is frighteningly rapid. One female producing two litters of 4 kittens annually, with her progeny producing similarly after the age of just six months, can amount to over 1500 cats in three years.

Total removal of the cats would prove to be a waste of time and money when in a few months (or days) a new colony moves in. Other complexes have already experienced this and are now managing the situation as advised above.

Find two or three kindly residents to share the feeding duties.
Circulate this to all residents, inviting them to contribute to costs.
All residents will benefit.

Or you could put the cats on the payroll as Rodent Control.

For further info and assistance with capture-sterilize-release, contact:

Animal Allies 082 828 2222 – Monique Friedland
Viv Jones - 082 852 6749 (Fairland/ Berario)
Feral Foundation 083 573 9700/streetcatz@gmail.com – Warren (JHB)

Yours sincerely,


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